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New Version smart fortwo owners

I need to let all smart fortwo owners know, that the new model Smart fortwo only has 1 tow hole in the back and unable to fit 2 bobs. One will still fit but not the same as older versions for style. Please be aware when ordering to ensure they will fit your model of smart.

Some brabus model bumpers are also slightly deeper can have a issue fitting. if any items are bought from us and you find they don’t fit, then let us know and we can refund.

Lets hope any newer smart cars go back to the double tow hook availability, as this affects many items fitting onto the smart.

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Summer sale now on

Time to buy your Bobs at a knock down price, also introducing the New paint your own Bobs, straight from manufacturing, Unpolished and not Anodised. Giving our buyers the chance to paint them to your own colour or Anodise them yourselves.

We would like to offer this opportunity for the first time, these are quality trade marked, British made products on the market.

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The Beaulieu Smart Car Event

Recently we attended The Beaulieu Smart Event, Our stand was open to the public for the first time, displaying all our bobs and new colours.
We got lots of interest and made sales.The weather wasn’t great on the day, but a good turn out from all smart owners. This event had a variety of smart cars and owners had the chance to look at our new product. As you can see in the pictures a smart fortwo displaying a pair of bobs, with a good colour match. The variety of colours give a lot of choice for most cars, but if there is a particular colour wanted then we can have a look at matching it, all you need to do is let us know the colour required and we will do our best to match it.

Bobs are being advertised in ‘4 site’smart magazine, produced and published by thesmartclubDSCF2400DSCF2399DSCF2397DSCF2395DSCF2394DSCF2393DSCF2392DSCF2391DSCF2390DSCF2389DSCF2388DSCF2387DSCF2386DSCF2385DSCF2384DSCF2382DSCF2381IMG-20130506-00266IMG-20130506-00268IMG-20130506-00264